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PPSR Reports For Boats

We always say it’s a great idea to get a PPSR report when buying a used car. It gives you so much vital information – the make and model, the financial status, insurance status, even if it’s been stolen.

But did you know you can also get PPSR reports for boats?

Just like motor vehicles, watercraft such as boats and jet skis are all registered to the Personal Properties Securities Registry in Australia. Every time a water vehicle is registered for sale in the country, its details are uploaded and maintained.

What's Included In A PPSR Boat Report?

The PPSR records information a little different for watercraft than for cars.

Cars get fairly robust reports - make and model, parts numbers, insurance details, stolen status.

When it comes to boats, the report will only tell you of its financial status; that is, whether the watercraft has been used as collateral on a loan.

This is still important information when looking to purchase a used boat, jetski, or whatever else. Financial encumbrance means that if the original owner defaults on their loan, the lender can repossess the vehicle - even if it’s now in your possession!

The PPSR report allows you to either avoid this situation or at least make a formal, written agreement about how the finances of the vehicle will be paid off after you buy it (such as using the money from the purchase to pay out the loan).

How To Get a Boat PPSR Report

Getting a PPSR report for your boat is super simple. All you'll need to get is the boat's HIN, or Hull Identification Number. Enter this number into any page on, pay the nominal fee, and get an instant PPSR report of any boat you want!

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