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Australian Government - AFSA / Revs Check

We provide instant and easy to read Revs Check Report with PPSR Certificate using government sources.

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We Provide Instant, Reliable and Official Data from Government Sources

Data Sourced by ASFA and NEVDIS

Our Revs Check Reports are generated from the only official and most trusted data which is provided and managed by Australian Financial Security Authority and National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS).

PPSR Certificate Included

Each report comes with Government's Official Personal Property Securities Register(PPSR) Certificate which is an official and legal copy of your PPSR Search to make sure there is no interest recorded already.

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We use highly secure payment transaction methods as well as PayPal for ease of our customers. Each report is generated in simple easy to read format within seconds and received instantly in customer's inbox.

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Carrying out your REVS check with us is fast, simple, straight-forward and affordable. A REVS check provides you with a finance check, registration details, specifications of the car and a check to see if the car has been stolen or written-off.

Finance Check

Provide financial history of the car whether the car you are planning to purchase has any outstanding finance.

Write Off Check

Write off Check Helps you to know if a car has been written off by the insurance company or not.

Stolen Check

We perform stolen check which Determines whether the car has been stolen or tagged as "unrecovered theft".

Registration Details

It allows you to know current car registration status for e.g. Rego expiry data and current registered state.

SMS Report Summary

We Deliver the Report Summary Directly to Your mobile phone, which saves your time for quick decision.

Readable Report

We have Designed Fully Formatted and Readable Report, for People Who Are Not Familiar with the Industry.


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Basics You Need to Know About REVS Checks and Car History Reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does REVS Mean?

REVS stands for Register of Encumbered Vehicles. It's a government system responsible for recording vehicles that have a financial encumbrance attached to them (See below for definition.) It basically tells you whether or not a vehicle is attached to a loan or has outstanding payments on it.

What Is "Encumbrance"?

When it comes to finances, an encumbrance simply means that there is some outstanding money associated with the item. For vehicles, this typically takes one of two forms. Either the car was used as collateral for a loan that hasn't been paid off or a loan was taken out to pay for the car that hasn't been paid off.

What's the Risk of Buying an Encumbered Vehicle?

Until the encumbrance is paid off and removed from the vehicle, it can be repossessed by the financial institution in charge of the encumbrance. Typically this will be a bank that's loaned someone the money, either with the car as collateral, or to purchase the car to begin with.

How do I get a Revs Check Report?

You'll need the vehicle's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to get the Revs Check Report. Every car, boat, and motorcycle has a unique 17-digit VIN associated with it for identification a variety of legal purposes such as registration, insurance and ownership.