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Australian Government - AFSA / Revs Check

We provide instant and easy to read Revs Check Report with PPSR Certificate using government sources.

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Revs Check Report?

We Provide Instant, Reliable and Official Data from Government Sources

Data Sourced by ASFA and NEVDIS

Our Revs Check Reports are generated from the only official and most trusted data which is provided and managed by Australian Financial Security Authority and National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS).

PPSR Certificate Included

Each report comes with Government's Official Personal Property Securities Register(PPSR) Certificate which is an official and legal copy of your PPSR Search to make sure there is no interest recorded already.

Received Instantly via Secure Order Form

We use highly secure payment transaction methods as well as PayPal for ease of our customers. Each report is generated in simple easy to read format within seconds and received instantly in customer's inbox.

Revs Check Report Advantage

Forget the Risk of Buying an Encumbered Car

Carrying out your REVS check with us is fast, simple, straight-forward and affordable. A REVS check provides you with a finance check, registration details, specifications of the car and a check to see if the car has been stolen or written-off.

Finance Check

Provide financial history of the car whether the car you are planning to purchase has any outstanding finance.

Write Off Check

Write off Check Helps you to know if a car has been written off by the insurance company or not.

Stolen Check

We perform stolen check which Determines whether the car has been stolen or tagged as "unrecovered theft".

Registration Details

It allows you to know current car registration status for e.g. Rego expiry data and current registered state.

SMS Report Summary

We Deliver the Report Summary Directly to Your mobile phone, which saves your time for quick decision.

Readable Report

We have Designed Fully Formatted and Readable Report, for People Who Are Not Familiar with the Industry.


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We have a range of customers from different car dealers to usual car buyers who often use revs check report prior to confirm their deals, hear from a couple of our customers what they say and how they trust our car history service.

It is very easy to get a can history report from revs check. Support Team is Very Friendly, They cleared my all doughts.

Jessica Alba from NSW reviewed it
Jessica Alba

Best Car History Report, Revs Check Team Always Help For You and your car history report, Fastest Service Ever

GORDON M. from VIC reviewed it

Just provide Vin and dig the past of any car. Thank you Revs Check Report, You made my car deal so easy and headache free

Will Jacson from QLD reviewed it
Will Jacson, QLD


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What is REVS Check?

A REVS Check will always come up when you plan to buy a used vehicle. That’s because it is the best way to get a car history report you can trust before making a decision on the car you want to buy. Instead of buying an expensive lemon which costs you more in the long run, you should run a REVS Check and get a car history report so you can make an informed decision.

What is REVS Check?

REVS Check is now PPSR search. REVS, which means Register of Encumbered Vehicles, used to be a state-based car database which meant that you had to know which state the vehicle was registered in to run a search.

Since 2012, the information in these state-based REVS databases have been transferred to the Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR). The PPSR is a national database managed by the Australian Financial Security Authority and carries details on all vehicles registered across the country in the database.

Why do I need a REVS Check Report?

A REVS Check Report is essential to get certain critical information that could save you thousands of dollars.

The report can tell you if the:

  • used car was reported as stolen
  • owner of the vehicle owes money on the car
  • vehicle had any write-off issues
  • registration details are correct

Now, running a PPSR search on ensures that you can quickly pull the data from both PPSR and NEVDIS databases. And you will still get your official PPSR certificate to keep. This is important in case of any issues in the future so that you have proof of what information was available at the time of your purchase.

How do I do a REVS Check?

You can run the following checks with a VIN or Rego number:

  • REVS Check QLD
  • REVS Check NSW
  • REVS Check WA

But, that’s not to say that you can’t run other REVS searches across Australia using the vehicle registration or VIN numbers. Because the PPSR database in a national one, you can search for car details for a car registered in any state in the country.

(If you don’t see your report in your email within a few minutes, check your junk/spam folder.)

Free REVS Check: Can I Get a Free Car History Report?

If you are researching buying a used car in Australia, then you will surely come across REVS Check in your searches. And if you already know about it, then you may be searching for Free Revs Checks. But, unfortunately, you won’t find free REVS Check online anymore. And if you find any, it will definitely not give you the information you are looking for.

Here’s why Free REVS Check is not available.

The Australian government replaced the old REVs Check system with the Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR). Initially, REVs Check used to be free to the public. But, that’s not the case anymore.

Now, the new search is PPSR which carries a fee. Then, for sites such as, we also pull data from the NEVDIS database along with the PPSR information to give you a comprehensive report on the official history of a specific used vehicle according to the Australian government.

We still call the new system REVS Check because that is what most Australians are familiar with. So, whether you wanted a free REVS Check (which isn’t available anymore), a PPSR search, or you are just looking for a car history report, you can do that here.

REVS Check vs. PPSR

So, as we’ve shown, REVS Check is now essentially PPSR search. The PPSR carries the same as well as additional information that you used to get in the REVS Check Report. Plus, you can also get an official PPSR certificate with your searches when you search online at

Running a Revs Check Report Online

We make it easier to get a complete report without having to go through multiple databases on your own. All you need to get a REVS Check report is the vehicle Rego or VIN number, enter it into the search box, and follow the instructions.

You will soon be in possession of a comprehensive report based on official data that can help you make the best decision when buying a used car.

REVS Check NSW. Why You Need It

Once you live in New South Wales and plan to buy a second-hand car, you need to get a REVS Check before you make any sort of decision.

Not everyone is honest, or the seller may have forgotten some details over the period that they have owned the vehicle. But, a REVS Check can give you a comprehensive history of that vehicle, so you know whether you are making a solid decision for buying that used car, motorcycle, or truck.

What is REVS Check NSW?

REVS Check NSW is the process of searching our online platform for vehicles registered in the state of New South Wales. Every year, millions of vehicles are registered online through the government’s online databases. The primary ones are the Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR) and the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS). A REVS Check in NSW pulls data from these sources and gives you a report based on the official government records on the vehicle.

What are the benefits of running a REVS Check in NSW?

There are four primary benefits of using an online car history check. NSW is one of those states with a high car theft rate. With REVS Check, you can find out whether the car you are looking at was reported as stolen.

Next, a REVS Check can tell you if the owner of the vehicle has any finance owing on it that could lead to you inheriting that debt by buying the car. The report will also show any write-off history, the type of damage, and the severity. Finally, you can use the information to confirm the vehicle registration detail to make sure they match what you have.

All this information is presented in an easy-to-read report when you order it online at For just a small amount, you can get a detailed description of the car and its status, so you know whether you can tolerate whatever the level of risk is for this vehicle.

REVS Check QLD: Why You Need It and How to Do It

REVS Check QLD is the safest way to validate the details of a second-hand vehicle before you buy. A free car history report in Australia is not an option when you want reliable information that you can trust. So, you need to get a dependable vehicle check in QLD that you can trust the results because you know it’s from authentic sources.

And with the possibility of buying a lemon, you need to use the systems available to you to make a good decision when making such a significant investment.

Why You Should Get REVS Check QLD

REVS Check QLD helps to make sure that you’re not ripped off. Some of the questions that your REVS Check answers include:

  • Is the car you want stolen, or ever been registered as stolen?
  • What are the write-off issues, if any, that is in the car’s history?
  • Was the car ever in a major accident and suffered any damage?
  • Does the owner owe any loans where the vehicle is used as collateral, or there is finance owning on the car?
  • Do the registration details the seller gave match the official details that the government has?

Why REVS Check QLD with REVSCheckReport?

Built by Australian IT professionals, is a secure platform for online REVS Check reports. We pull our data from official sources such as the PPSR and NEVDIS databases maintained by the government.

Our reports are delivered almost instantaneously once you submit your request. And we give you two options to request your car history report to make it easier for you. You can use either the Rego number or the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Plus, our rates are one of the lowest on the market for REVS Check in QLD.

How to Do a REVS Check QLD?

It’s a very simple process to do a REVS Check QLD or as some persons call it, Rego Check QLD. You get the vehicle VIN or Rego number. Put the number in the search box on this site, then hit “Get Report”. Follow the instructions, and you will have the requested report delivered to your phone and email.

The Benefits of REVS Check WA

Buying a car is always a major decision and that’s why you need REVS Check WA. It doesn’t matter whether it is a new car or a second-hand car. It’s a significant investment, so you need to know if you are making the right decision. This is especially important when you’re buying a used car since it will have a history. And that history could lead to problems for you.

Plus, Western Australia has consistently recorded one of the highest vehicle theft rates in Australia. Now, while most of those stolen vehicles may be scrapped for parts, you may be one of the thousands of unlucky persons who end up inadvertently buying a stolen vehicle.

This is where REVS Check WA comes in.

The Benefits of REVS Check in WA

REVS Check WA is intended to help residents in Western Australia get online car history reports fast, so they can avoid some of the issues we raised. That’s because REVS check though RevsCheckReport pulls data from official government sources to ensure the reliability and authenticity of the data presented.

So, the many benefits of ordering a REVS Check WA online from include:

  • Security that your car won’t be repossessed for unpaid loans or because it was stolen
  • Peace of mind knowing that you won’t be hit with high repair costs from unknown write-off issues
  • Confidence in your choice by confirming that the registration details were not fabricated because they match those of the Australian government PPSR and NEVDIS databases

In essence, REVS Check in Western Australia can protect you from buying a lemon.

Ordering a REVS Check Online

Making your request for a report online is easy. All you need is the vehicle’s VIN or WA Rego number, and you can get a report delivered instantaneously to you. Simply input the number in the search bar, hit search, pay the very small fee, and get your report.

So, go ahead and buy a used car in Western Australia with confidence. Order a REVS Check WA report knowing that you will get reliable information.

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Basics You Need to Know About REVS Checks and Car History Reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does REVS Mean?

REVS stands for Register of Encumbered Vehicles. It's a government system responsible for recording vehicles that have a financial encumbrance attached to them (See below for definition.) It basically tells you whether or not a vehicle is attached to a loan or has outstanding payments on it.

What Is "Encumbrance"?

When it comes to finances, an encumbrance simply means that there is some outstanding money associated with the item. For vehicles, this typically takes one of two forms. Either the car was used as collateral for a loan that hasn't been paid off or a loan was taken out to pay for the car that hasn't been paid off.

What's the Risk of Buying an Encumbered Vehicle?

Until the encumbrance is paid off and removed from the vehicle, it can be repossessed by the financial institution in charge of the encumbrance. Typically this will be a bank that's loaned someone the money, either with the car as collateral, or to purchase the car to begin with.

How do I get a Revs Check Report?

You'll need the vehicle's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to get the Revs Check Report. Every car, boat, and motorcycle has a unique 17-digit VIN associated with it for identification a variety of legal purposes such as registration, insurance and ownership.