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How To Get A PPSR Report With Chassis Number

Australia adopted the use of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) to identify motor vehicles sold in the country 1989.

23 years later in 2012, the Personal Properties Securities Registry (PPSR) was introduced. It collects vital information about personal properties such as motor vehicles, watercraft, and even works of art across the country. It’s a national registry keeping track of who owns what, as well as important historical information.

To keep track of motor vehicles, the car’s VIN is registered in the PPSR for reference. The registry then keeps tabs on information such as:

  • Make and model
  • Manufacture year and location
  • Financial status
  • Write-off status
  • Stolen status
  • Engine number

Getting a comprehensive car history report from the PPSR, also known as a PPSR report, gives you access to all of this information. To get one, you need the car’s VIN and some pocket change.

But what if you want to research the history of a car made before 1989?

Luckily, you can still get a PPSR report for those vehicles. Obviously, you can’t use a VIN — they weren’t in use. So what do you need instead?

The car’s chassis number.

Performing a Chassis PPSR Check

Getting a PPSR report with a chassis number is the same as getting one with a VIN. You’ll need to enter the number into RevsCheckSupport’s search bar, click “get report”, and pay the nominal fee. Done!

You can find the chassis number in a few places:

  • Registration papers
  • In the engine bay
  • On the chassis itself

It's important to check any used vehicle with a PPSR report prior to purchase, but for cars older than 1989, it can be crucial. They’ve got a lot more years and a lot more history on them – the last thing you want is to purchase a car with a dodgy, unreliable past!

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