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Key Benefits of our VIN Check Report

The Details that Matter

Get the details on theft history, written off check, and money owing

Easy to Use VIN Search

The online VIN search platform that is easy to use any time of day

Available Everywhere

Conduct searches on desktop or mobile, in any state in Australia

Convenient Payment

A safe online payment platform to get a Vin Check Report in seconds

The Easiest VIN Check You Will Ever Run

Don’t buy a lemon. VIN Check the Easy Way. Use our VIN Number Check and verify that used car today

Motor Vehicle Search with VIN Check

Be confident in the vehicle you plan to buy. Use the VIN Check to find out more about the car’s past. From its write off history to whether it was reported stolen, or if the owner still owes on the car – get all the necessary information on the car’s history.

Revs Check Report saves you time and money to get the most up-to-date information from government sources at the time of your purchase.

Why Choose VIN Check by Revs Check Reports

Accuracy of Information

The VIN Check information is drawn directly from official government databases. This means that you will be getting as accurate as possible information from trusted sources.

Confidence in your report

Quickly and confidently check the details on any used vehicle in Australia that you want to buy with our VIN Check. Get an official PPSR certificate with your VIN check report.

Comprehensive VIN Check Report

Our VIN check report has the necessary details to help you decide about the used car you want. It’s organized in an easy to read format so that you can quickly get through it.

VIN Check

VIN Number Check FAQs

What are the VIN number and Vin Number check?

A VIN number is an easily identifiable 17-digit number assigned to each car. A VIN number check is a simple online search that helps you to get relevant information on a used car from government registers. You use the VIN assigned to the specific car to pull the details of that car.

Where can I find the VIN number?

The VIN is located on the car itself. You can find it either on the engine or on the door. You can also check the car’s registration certificate or insurance policy to get and validate the VIN associated with that car in the system.

How do I conduct a VIN number check?

All you have to do is enter the 17-digit VIN number, select search, pay, and get your report. An SMS message will be sent to your phone when the report is ready which is almost instantaneously.

Is it only states such as NSW, QLD, WA that I can I run a VIN number check?

No, in addition to the states of New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, you can run VIN Number checks for vehicles in any of the other three states in Australia. So, whether you live in or you are buying a car in NSW, QLD, WA, or any of the other states, we can help with getting a Revs Check report.

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