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Do you know if you are about to buy a stolen car?

Request a Car History Check before you buy

The Most Reliable Car History Check Report Want to know if this car is right for you? We have helped numerous clients get the information they should have before putting money on the table and pen to paper.

Finance Check

Check if there are outstanding sums owed on the car from an existing loan by the seller.

Write off Check

Confirm whether the car was ever in an accident and had to be written off due to damages.

Stolen Check

Find out if the car was reported as stolen and the seller is trying to sell you illegal goods.

Registration Details

Get the official registration details to match back to the seller info to verify the facts.

Faster Used Car History Check with Revs Check Report

Reliable information from official Government sources

Never make a used car buying decision without first getting the facts. Revs Check Report gets our car history data straight from official Australian government databases. All our car history reports carry information from the Australian National Exchange of Vehicle & Driver Information System (NEVDIS) recorded in the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

Faster results delivered in seconds

You don’t have to wait long to get the information you need. Get the crucial data to make a decision in seconds. Get your easy-to-read car history check report delivered to you seconds after you make your request. Plus, you get an SMS notification as soon as it is ready so that you know just how quickly it is prepared and when it is ready for you.

PPSR Certificate included in every car history check report

A car history report is not complete without an official PPSR Certificate. Unlike other online car history check sites, you will always get a PPSR Certificate with your car history reports. We know how important it is to get the right information from authorized sources. That is why we include an official PPSR certificate in every report we generate.

The easiest and most affordable way to get a fast and comprehensive car history report with official PPSR Certificate

Car History Check

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you I need a car history check?

Buying a used car can be very risky. You can’t tell the car’s past just by looking at it or relying solely on the word of the seller. The Car History Check by Revs Check Report gives you critical information about the car you want to buy and verify what the seller has given to you.

How can I order a car history check?

Ordering a car history check is a very simple process. Simply enter the VIN or the Rego number, click “get report”, pay, and just like that you get a report delivered to you within seconds.

Are car history checks only done in NSW and QLD?

A lot of our clients who request car history checks are buying cars in NSW and QLD. But, you can get a car history report in any territory in Australia. So, no matter where you live or whichever state the car is registered in, Revs Check Report can generate a car history check for you.

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