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The fast and affordable PPSR Check in Australia

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Save time and money by getting your PPSR Search done the right way.

Easy to Use

This is the easy-to-use online PPSR check platform. Just enter the 17-digit VIN number, pay, and get a PPSR report in seconds.

Low PPSR Fees

Checking the PPSR does not have to cost a fortune. Save money and request your PPSR search on the low-cost online PPSR check.

Peace of mind

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the information you get is from an official source with a PPSR Certificate included.

Use the PPSR to make the right decision for you

Running a PPSR search can help you answer all the important questions when buying a used car.

A PPSR Check will help you find out if the car:

  • has a hidden history
  • is still on finance
  • was reported as currently stolen
  • had an insurance write-off

We will help you make the buying experience as simple and stress-free as possible with the right details from official sources. Use our Secured Payment Platform and pay for your PPSR search in NSW, QLD, WA and other provinces with PayPal or credit card.

Get an Official Government PPSR Certificate when you run a PPSR check

PPSR is an official government register

The PPSR is the ultimate resource to find out the details of a security interest on any personal property. Buying a used car or any other vehicle? Use the PPSR search to see if any business or individual has a secured interest in the property which means they have first rights should you buy, and they aren’t repaid. 

Overcome the challenges of PPSR

Using the government PPSR can be challenging. But, you can overcome those challenges with a PPSR search that is easy to use and a comprehensive report that is straightforward and easy to read. That’s what you get with every PPSR Search with Revs Check Report.

Don’t buy a lemon

Buying a lemon can lead to thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses. A PPSR search can tell you if the car was written off due to damage and the type. Because of this, you can know whether you want to buy a used car that may develop problems and cost you more money in the long run.

PPSR Check

PPSR Search Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PPSR?

PPSR stands for the Personal Property Securities Register, and it is the AFSA’s database for collecting information on personal property.

What is defined as personal property?

Personal property may be tangible such as a car, boat, artwork, inventory, machinery, etc., or intangible such as licenses, intellectual property, or accounts.

When would I use PPSR?

Anytime you are planning to buy second-hand personal property, you should run a PPSR check to make sure it is free from encumbrance/sums owing. You can run a PPSR search in NSW, QLD, WA and any other territory with Revs Check Report.

How can I conduct a PPSR check?

Simply enter the VIN (vehicle Identification Number) or Rego number in the PPSR search box to find the information you would normally get with a REVs check. Or, you can use the PPSR registration number for other types of personal property.

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