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You could choose the free online rego check with limited data on only the vehicle registration details. Or, you could get a supercharged rego check with a full car history report. You decide.

What is the Rego Check?

The registration check (Rego Check for short) is an online service that allows you to check the registration status of any vehicle in Australia. These checks are state-based, so you need to know the state the vehicle is registered in. This helps you to avoid driving a motor vehicle with an expired registration.

Online Rego check is available for cars, bikes, trucks, caravans, trailers.

Check Rego by State with Car History Report Included

The key to a car’s past is in the history report. Check your vehicle registration by the state in which the vehicle is registered and get a full car history report. You don’t need to create an account to access this service.

New South Wales Rego Check (NSW)

Get your NSW Rego Check with a detailed Vehicle History Report online.

Western Australia Rego Check (WA)

Access a WA Rego Check online and upgrade to a Vehicle History Report.

Australian Capital Territory Rego Check (ACT)

Run a quick ACT Rego Check with a detailed Vehicle History Report.

Northern Territory Rego Check (NT)

Make an online NT Rego Check and get a full Vehicle History Report.

Queensland Rego Check (QLD)

Run your QLD Rego Check and get a detailed Vehicle History Report.

Victoria Rego Check (VIC)

Make a quick search with VIC Rego Check with Car History Report.

South Australia Rego Check (SA)

Get a fast SA Rego Check on Revs Check Report with a full car history.

Tasmania Rego Check (TAS)

Check your TAS Rego Check and supercharge with a Car History Report.

What’s Included in a Rego Check with Car History Report

The state rego check gives you only an online view of your search results. A car history report gives you a downloadable report which is also sent to your email.

The car history report with rego check is an affordable service. It also delivers the best peace of mind when buying a second-hand car or renting a vehicle.

Here are some of the details that your car history report includes:

Vehicle Registration Details

Like the free car rego check, you get all the details on the vehicle’s registration. This includes the registration expiry date and the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurer details. Some may include the full VIN or just the last 4 digits of the VIN.

Finance Owing Information

If you don’t want to wake up one day and see someone repossessing your car, then this is an important piece of information to have. Find out if the seller of the vehicle has any security interest tied to the vehicle.

Stolen Car Status

Stolen vehicles are an unfortunate problem in Australia. But, to help you avoid buying a stolen car, bike, or truck, you can review the stolen status check in the report.

Written-Off Vehicle Data

Would you buy or rent a vehicle with a certain type of write-off? Maybe not. The car history report can help you decide when you see what repairable or statutory write-off details appear in the vehicle’s past.

PPSR Certificate

You also get an official Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) Certificate with a summary of your results, especially on the encumbrance owing.

Use the State-Based Register for a Rego Check

If you only need a quick check on the registration expiry date or the CTP insurance information, then you can use the free online rego check.

Each state’s Public Transport Authority manages their free online rego check service. They do not always give the same information, but you can find the following information on most state’s Transport Authority website.

  • Vehicle details – make, model, year
  • VIN (some offer only the last 4 digits)
  • CTP insurer name and expiry
  • Registration expiry date, next inspection date

Quick Links to State Registers:

Because it’s only a rego check, and a free service, you won’t be able to access all the information in the car history report. But, we can give you the detailed report for your peace of mind.


Frequently Asked Questions – Rego Check

How do I run a rego check?

It’s a simple process to check rego online. Make sure you first have the registration plate number (license plate) and which state the vehicle is registered in. Enter the registration plate and follow the instructions on the website.

You can choose to get a free state rego plate check. Or, you can pay a small fee for a detailed car history report which includes the rego check details but with much more information on the history of the vehicle.

If you don’t have the plate number, you can use the VIN number to run a search on Revs Check Report.

What’s the difference between a Rego Check and a Car History Report?

A free rego check is generally the state-provided service that gives you information on the registration of a vehicle. So, if you only want to know when your registration expires, then check rego expiry on the state register.

A car history report, like what we offer, provides a much more detailed history of the vehicle. You get the results of a deep dive into the history of the vehicle which is presented in a downloadable report.

Does this mean I don’t need a rego check if I get a car history report?

Yes, if you order a car history report from Revs Check Report, you don’t need to request a rego number check separately. We give you all the registration details plus the other necessary information on the car’s past.

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