Car History Report

Protect your Investment. Get the Facts before you pay for a used car

Avoid buying a car with hidden costly and even dangerous problems. Order a car history report from the leading online platforms for online PPSR, REVS Check, and VIN number check. Our quick and efficient service gets you a comprehensive car history report in seconds after your request it. Order now and receive your car history report in minutes.

Benefits of a Car History Report

Getting a car history report is always worth every penny. It gives you a certain peace of mind when getting a used car. For example, the write off status of the report can help you avoid buying a car where the airbag was deployed in an accident. You could buy the wrong car without the right guidance.

There are many reasons to get a car history check done. But, the main thing is to protect you in your transactions.

What is in your Car History Report

The Car History Report comes with critical information that helps you decide on whether to buy a particular used car or not. The report is easy-to-scan, so you can quickly pick out the relevant details and make an informed decision before investing in a car.

Finance Check

Get the facts on whether the vehicle has finance owing on it. An encumbered car can be repossessed if the seller fails to clear the loan.

Stolen Vehicle Check

See info on theft records or engine theft details so you don’t inadvertently buy a stolen car from a private seller.

Registration Details

Confirm that the make/model, number plate, expiration date, and state registration are the same as what the seller says.

Write-off Status

The report will give you details of any repairable write-offs, collisions, or damages from flood/storm. It will also tell you of any inspections

Why Revs Check Report for Your Vehicle History Report

With our platform, you can get a summary of the vehicle history report by text and the full report delivered to your email. Our service is fast, and you don’t have to wait days to get the information you need now.

RevsCheckReport gets its data for your car history from official government sources. We offer a fast and comprehensive car history report for used cars across Australia. The national register allows you to check on vehicles in any state and you can quickly do it wherever you are on REVSCheckReport. All you need is the Vin number or the Rego number, and you can get the car history report delivered to you in seconds.

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