What is the PPSR?

When you need to buy a used car in Australia, you may be considering what is the PPSR and how can it benefit you. Well, it’s the best way to protect you the consumer when making large investments in personal property.

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is the Australian online national register that provides consumers with information intended to protect their purchase for personal property. As such, millions of vehicles are registered on the PPSR each year and millions of searches conducted.

The PPSR is managed by the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) so that the data provided is official and verified by the government. As the official database of secured property, you are getting reliable information.

Who Is the PPSR For?

The PPSR is ideal for anyone in the used car industry whether you are buying, selling, or trading vehicles. So, if you’re a used car dealer and you want to show credibility, you should get your buyers PPSR certificates. If you also buy or trade used vehicles from private sellers, it makes sense to get a PPSR certificate before you buy or trade a used car for resale.

If you’re a private buyer looking to purchase a used car from a private seller or a used car dealer, the PPSR Certificate should be an important part of your vetting process.

What Do You Get with a PPSR Check?

A PPSR check is the essential first step you need to take when purchasing a second-hand car. A PPSR Check with REVS Check Report comes with an easy-to-read report and an official PPSR Certificate. This report and search certificate give you essential information to help you protect your investment.

Registration details:

Verify that the vehicle details you got from the seller match what is contained in the official register. You don’t want to buy a car that has a questionable history.

Finance owing:

One of the more popular reasons why people run a PPSR search is to find out if a vehicle is encumbered especially when buying a second-hand car. If there is finance owing on the vehicle, there is a higher possibility of the vehicle being repossessed if the seller doesn’t repay the loan.

Written-off records:

The PPSR Certificate will provide details on any write-off issues recorded by NEVDIS. Some accidents and damages could end up costing you a lot in repair costs which become your problem.

Stolen vehicle check:

The certificate will also advise if the car was reported as stolen. You can then double-check the information to make sure you aren’t receiving stolen property.

How To Run a PPSR Search

For a minimal fee, you can run a quick PPSR search online. Just input the VIN or Rego number, pay one of the lowest fees on the market, and you’ll get a PPSR certificate with all the details you need to make an informed decision before buying a used car.

Order an official PPSR Check online today and get your PPSR certificate.

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