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What is the ACT Rego Check?

Rego Check (short for registration check) is an online search using a vehicle’s plate number to check the registration status. This is a state-based service, so only vehicles registered in Australian Capital Territory can use the Rego Check ACT.

The ACT rego check online (located on the ACT/Access Canberra website) tells you if an ACT registered vehicle has a current registration and when it will expire. You can get an ACT car rego check, or run a check on a bike, caravan, truck, or trailer.

How Can You Get an ACT Rego Check?

Running a rego check for vehicles registered in the Australian Capital Territory is quite easy. You have two options to access it.

1. Run a Free Check on the ACT Government Website

The ACT website provides the vehicle make, model and year. You can see when the vehicle registration expires or if it is unregistered. The ACT rego check also shows the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurer and number of registered users. There are also ACT rego check stations at an ACT car inspection station. The free check is useful if you’re running an ACT rego renewal check.

2. Get More Value with a Revs Check Report

While the ACT rego check does provide more information than most state rego checks, there is still information that’s missing. This information would be useful if you plan to buy a second-hand car or rent a vehicle.

If you want more information than what the free report offers, then get a Revs Check Report which gives you more value.

There’s more to a car’s history than a rego check

It’s time to “check my rego ACT.” Get a full car history report from Revs Check packed with valuable information before you drive out onto ACT roads or buy a used car.

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What You Get in a Value-Packed Rego Check from Revs Check Report

Instead of wasting your time and money checking individual registers, let us give you a comprehensive car history report.

Registration Check

Yes, our reports include the registration information. You get the make, model, year of the vehicle. You can use this information to compare to the VIN which we provide in our reports. The CTP insurer, if available, is also provided.

Stolen Status Check

Find out immediately if you’re about to buy a stolen vehicle. This information is pulled from national and state registers and not just for vehicles registered in ACT.

Encumbrance Check

Finance owing check allows you to know if monies are owed against a vehicle. This is important to prevent repossession issues if you buy a second-hand car and the loan isn’t repaid.

Written Off Vehicle Check

Would you prefer to know you’re buying or renting a lemon before or after the fact? We vote before and you should too. Our reports outline statutory and repairable write-off issues with the vehicles we check.

PPSR Certificate

With your full PPSR report, you’ll also get an official PPSR Certificate summarising the results of your ACT vehicle registration and car history search.

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