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Power on the motorways starts with information. Get a detailed car history report and a rego check NSW before your rent or buy a second-hand car.

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The secrets held by a used car in New South Wales could lead to accidents or hefty fines.

Taking precautions to protect life and property on NSW roads starts with knowing your vehicle. Get an NSW Rego Check today with a car history report before you set out on your next journey.

Detailed Reports

The detailed vehicle history report gives you more information where the free rego check stops off

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Access your Revs Check car report in seconds online, 24-hours daily, and get a copy emailed to you

Better Decisions

Make smart decisions before you drive on NSW roads. Avoid fines, penalties and buying a lemon

What is an NSW Rego Check?

The NSW Rego Check is an online service that allows Australians to verify the registration status of a vehicle. The online rego check NSW service is accessible to all who want to check the registration details of a vehicle registered in New South Wales. You can run a rego check on cars, trucks, caravans, bikes.

The New South Wales Transport Roads & Maritime Services manages the free NSW online rego check. It is a state register so you must select another state search service if you want a rego check in another Australian state.

What’s Included in a Free NSW Rego Check?

Want to quickly check that you’re not about to drive off onto the roads with an expired registration? Run a quick rego check.

Vehicle details:

The quick rego search tells you the make, model, and year of the vehicle associated with the plate number. It also gives you the last 4 digits of the VIN/Chassis number.

Registration Period:

The free check identifies the registration period. If the registration was cancelled, it will show the rego expiry date.

CTP Insurance Info:

They provide the insurance period, the insurer’s name, and the insurer’s code


Depending on the vehicle, it may include the Tare Weight and the Gross Vehicle Mass details.

What do I need for the NSW rego plate check?

It’s a really simple process to access an NSW car rego check. All you need is the plate number. With a process that easy, it just makes sense to check the vehicle’s rego Status in NSW and get a full car history report before you put down money to rent or buy.

But, there’s more.

How to Supercharge Your Registration Check

Get more than just the registration details. Supercharge your rego check with a Revs Check Report that gives more details on the vehicle’s history, so you don’t have to worry when you get behind the wheel of the car.

What’s included in the full report?

Full Rego Details:

The free NSW rego check doesn’t provide the full VIN number. So, you can’t verify whether the VIN matches the registration plate. A full vehicle history report will ensure you have all the registration details, including the VIN.

Written-Off Vehicle Records:

This section of the report highlights any repairable or statutory written-off records for the vehicle. This may include the reason why it was written off and if the vehicle was repaired, inspected, and re-registered for use.

Stolen Vehicle Status:

Find out if the vehicle or engine associated with that rego plate were reported stolen.

Finance Check:

A quick check of the Personal Property Securities Register can tell you if the owner of the vehicle has finance owing. An encumbered vehicle can be repossessed if the seller doesn’t pay the loan. We run that finance owing check for you.

PPSR Certificate:

All Revs Check Report rego check services include a PPSR Certificate.

Upgrade your NSW Rego Check.

Get the more affordable option for an NSW vehicle history report with rego check.

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Why should I Check My Registration?

Imagine you see flashing red-and-blue lights in your rear-view mirror. You’re the one they signal to stop. You get a sinking feeling as you pull over. They ask for your licence and head back to their car. When they return, your registration is expired. That’s a significant fine depending on the size of your vehicle.

That’s why “check my Rego NSW” is important. The rego expiry check NSW, as some call it, helps you to avoid these situations of driving without a valid registration. And it’s easy to access free of cost on the NSW Transport Website.

But even more important is getting a full Revs Check if you plan to buy a car or rent a vehicle.

So, before you engage a vehicle inspector or mechanic to look at the vehicle, you should run your own check first. Then, you can decide if you want to go further with this purchase or rental.

You shouldn’t buy a car if you don’t know the history behind it. A full vehicle history report puts the power in your hands. It…

  • Gives you more valuable information than just the free rego check
  • Takes only a few minutes to complete the entire process and you get your report
  • Could save you thousands of dollars or a lost investment


Frequently Asked Questions – NSW Rego Check

How do I access the free NSW Rego Check?

You can conduct a free onlie vehicle registration check in New South Wales by visiting the Transport Department’s website. Just make sure you have the plate number ready and follow the instructions.

What if I want more information than the free rego check provides?

Then you can get a detailed vehicle history report. This report goes further than just the registration status. You can also quickly access this detailed report here on Revs Check Report.

Why Choose a Revs Check Report?

Because of the valuable information you will quickly get if you plan to buy a second-handcar. So, in addition to what is in the free NSW rego check, you’ll get all the other little pieces that make up a comprehensive vehicle history report. Plus, our service is fast and reliable.

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