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Get your facts into gear when you upgrade your NT registration check to a car history report from Revs Check.

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Information sourced from official government sources to ensure authenticity and reliability

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Detailed reports with all the vehicle checks (registration, written-off, finance owing, stolen vehicle)

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What is the NT Rego Check?

NT Rego Check is a free online vehicle check registration service. It allows Australians (especially if you’re based in the Northern Territory), to search via plate numbers for vehicles registered in the state. With the free check, you can ensure that you’re not driving with an expired registration which is illegal.

The report provided outlines the vehicle registration status. This means when the registration expires or if the vehicle is unregistered. It also shows when the next inspection date will be. It can be used for cars, caravans, trailers, trucks, and bikes.

How Can You Get an NT Rego Check?

There are two ways to get an NT rego expiry check for vehicles registered in the Northern Territory.

1. The NT Transport Website

The Northern Territory government driving and transport website offers free online vehicle registration check. You can access it here – NT Rego. When you use this free search, remember that all you get is the registration status, nothing else. You can also download the NT rego app.

2. Revs Check Report Detailed Car History Report

Our car history report includes the registration information you get from the NT website. But, we also provide additional checks and a comprehensive report. So, while our report isn’t free, it’s affordable and gives you more mileage for your money.

It’s a Better Deal When You Get our NT Rego Check

Focus on value, not just free. Upgrade to a Revs Check Report when you want to “check my Rego NT.”

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Why Should You Upgrade your Northern Territory Rego Check?

Free reports are limited. A Revs Check Report is a detailed car history that captures all the information you would need if you want to buy, rent, or borrow a vehicle.

Written-Off Vehicle Check:

Accidents happen. But you should know before you rent or buy that car. Find out if there was a repairable write-off, the vehicle fixed correctly and approved as roadworthy. Or, find out if the vehicle had a statutory write-off which means it should not be driven.

Finance Owing:

What if there are monies owing (debt) on the vehicle? The holder of the debt can repossess the vehicle to reclaim their losses if the debt remains unpaid. Find out if there is finance owing with our rego check service.

Stolen Vehicle Check:

If you’re buying a used vehicle from a private seller, you would want to confirm that it’s not a stolen vehicle. Vehicles can be stolen in other states and sold in NT. Avoid buying stolen property with a more detailed check that cross-checks other state registers.

Registration Check:

You’ll get the vehicle registration data including confirmation of the make, model, and year of the vehicle. You’ll be able to compare the corresponding VIN number with the registered vehicle. Plus, you get a complimentary Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) Certificate with each report as evidence.

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