Written-Off Vehicle Register Check (WOVR Check) – What it is and why a Revs Check Report can help

The Written-Off Vehicle Register is a record of vehicles that have been written-off. The Written-Off Vehicle Register Check (WOVR Check) helps to identify these vehicles and to determine if they were properly repaired and are now road worthy.

One of the reasons a used car buyer ends up with a lemon is the history of the car – its write-off vehicle status and history. The Australian Write-Off Vehicles Register Check (WOVR Check) helps to identify potential lemons before you buy.

Vehicles are written-off for a variety of reasons. That is why you need to check the car write-off status and whether the WOVR was a repairable damage. Otherwise, you may buy a car that is not road-ready because the owner did not repair the car properly.

Just a simple process can save you headaches, and the prevent the loss of your hard-earned money.

How you can know if a vehicle is on the Written-Off Vehicle Register – REVs Check

A REVs Check report from a search of the Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR) can give you a report that includes the vehicle write-off status. A write-off status check is important for a variety of reasons, including knowing whether the used car is a potential lemon.

While you can’t get a free REVs Check anymore, you can order a PPSR search online to find out the details of the write-off status check or WOVR Check.

Types of Vehicle Write-offs

There are three types of vehicle write-offs that you should be aware of.

Repairable write-offs

As the name suggests, a repairable write-off can be repaired. Once a car has been deemed to have repairable damage, the car registration will be cancelled, and the details of the car added to the WOVR.

The owner will be given guidelines to repair the car. These repairs have to be verified before the vehicle will be deemed road-worthy and the registration reinstated.

Inspected repairable write-offs

This refers primarily to a vehicle that was previously a repairable write-off but has been repaired and successfully re-registered. But, it can also include other types of damages such as a hail-damaged vehicle which may not be fixed.

So, double-check the type of write-off the vehicle had based on the WOVR codes.

Statutory write-offs

This signifies a vehicle so severely damaged that it should not be repaired. Nor will it be re-registered. With the national database, the vehicle cannot be re-registered in any state in Australia which makes it easier for you to find a registered vehicle.

It is important to know if a car is on the WOVR. As a buyer, you can use the WOVR to see the type of write-off the vehicle and make your decision on what to do next.

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