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You just may crash drive into a bad decision if you request only a Tasmanian Rego Check. Avoid that costly mistake. Request a Full Car History Report!

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Choose the TAS Rego Check free service or upgrade for a comprehensive car history report with all the details on your chosen wheels.


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The Rego Check results are delivered within seconds of you completing the request process. It’s that fast.


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Reliable information from government sources on write-offs, stolen status, and finance owing included.

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No driving in the dark when you have all the data to make the right decisions when buying a used car.

What is the Tasmania Rego Check?

The TAS roads Rego Check provides searchers with up-to-date registration data on a specific vehicle. This information includes the make, model, and year of the vehicle. You’ll also get the registration expiration date or whether the registration is cancelled or suspended. You can also check CTP insurance details.

Plus, the basic TAS rego check is a free service which is available for bikes, cars, trucks, caravans, and trailers.

How You Can Get an Online Rego Check in Tasmania

There are 2 easy ways to get a rego check on a vehicle. Once you have the plate numbers, you can either:

1. Visit the Tasmanian Transport Website

The state’s website allows you to run a registration check for any vehicle registered in Tasmania for which you have the plate number. Simply click Registration Check, input the plate number, and hit search.

2. Order a Detailed Car History Report Here

Revs Check Report boosts your online rego check by giving you more information on the vehicle. This is especially important if you’re buying or selling a used car.

It’s A Better Deal with a Complete Revs Check Report

All these checks and your bonus certificate help you make better decisions. You’ll get all of them and the car rego check in one easy-to-read report.

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Benefits of Option 2 – The Detailed Car History Report

The Tasmanian car registration website data is free. But, it does not carry all the information that you’ll find in a car history report. If you choose option 2 when you want to “check my rego TAS”, you will get all the following details:

1. Stolen Status Check

Vehicles are stolen and resold often in Australia. In Tasmania, it’s no different. Ensure that you’re not the unlucky buyer of a stolen vehicle when you order a car history report.

2. Encumbrance Owing Check

Buying a second-hand car with finance owing can be problematic. If the seller doesn’t repay the loan, you’ll be liable or could lose the vehicle to repossession. Prevent this mishap from reaching you by getting an encumbrance check.

3. Written-Off Vehicle Check

Finally, you could end up buying a car that was marked with a statutory write-off. Or, it had a repairable write-off, but the seller didn’t disclose the details. You can get all the facts with a comprehensive rev check report.

Bonus: PPSR Certificate

Plus, when you run your search with us, you’ll get an official Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) certificate as proof of the results at the date and time of your search. This can go a long way if you have issues in the future.

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