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What is a WA Rego Check?

WA rego check is a free service provided to the public to check the registration status of a vehicle registered in the state. It is provided as a very brief report outlining the vehicle make and model, year, and the registration expiry date. It will also provide the CTP insurance information. The WA Rego Check can be used for cars, caravans, trucks, trailers, and bikes.

So, to avoid paying those hefty fines for driving an unregistered vehicle, you can easily check the status. Find out when the registration expires, if it has expired, or whether the registration was cancelled or suspended.

How To Get a Rego Check in Western Australia?

There are two ways in which you can get a rego check in Western Australia. Both options are for online rego check WA.

1. Use the WA Transport Website

Visit the Western Australia Transport website, select vehicle rego check. Then all you need to do is put in the license plate and run your search. You should note that the WA rego search feature is limited to only vehicles registered in Western Australia.

2. Get a detailed car history report.

You can get the registration information as part of a more detailed car history report. Simply put in the license plate number, hit search, pay, and get your comprehensive report.

It’s that simple. And if you don’t have the registration number, you can use the VIN number to run a search as well.

It’s Time to Check My Rego WA

Always run a WA Rego Check before you buy. It’ll be the best financial decision you make when buying a used vehicle.

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Why You Need to Upgrade Your WA Registration Check

When you’re buying a second-hand vehicle from a private seller, you need facts. That means knowing if the car was in an accident, reported stolen, or if the owner had it financed. These little details will make a big difference in the end.

But you won’t get all that information with just a vehicle Rego Check WA.

So, if you’re buying a used vehicle, don’t just check the registration. Instead, get a Car History Report. This type of report gives you:

1. Written-Off Check:

Find out if the vehicle had repairable or statutory write-off and if it can be re-registered for road use. You may be surprised at the results.

2. Finance Owing:

Find out if the owner has funds owing against the car, caravan, etc. This will ensure that you don’t get sideswiped with an encumbrance owing that leads to default and loss of the vehicle.

3. Stolen Status Check:

A most important piece of info so that you do not inadvertently buy a stolen vehicle.

4. PPSR Certificate:

This is an official record of your search result that could help you in a dispute. (It’s best to run another car history search right before completing the purchase).

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