Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR) Certificate

When you run a quick motor vehicle search online, you must go through the PPSR. The PPSR (Personal Properties Securities Register) is a national online register of personal property across Australia. It is used to protect consumers who buy personal property such as vehicles, artwork, boats, etc.

It is especially useful for getting information on used cars. The resulting PPSR Certificate that you get from a PPSR search helps you to know all the relevant details about a used car before you buy.

Who Is the PPSR Certificate For?

Anyone can use the PPSR to search for details on a used car. But, the PPSR Certificate is ideal for used car dealers looking to buy, trade, or sell used cars. It is also extremely important for private buyers to get details on a used vehicle before making that investment.

PPSR Certificate Explained. How to Read your PPSR Certificate

Your PPSR search results will be presented in the official PPSR Certificate. Here are the elements/sections that you can expect to see on your report and what they mean for you:

Date of Search:

The PPSR certificate will show you data up to the date and time that you initially requested the search.


This section relates to whether there are any encumbrances (money owning) registered against the vehicle. This is the register of security interests that the PPSR is quite famous for. The PPSR certificate will tell you either “Registrations Found” which means that there is money owing on the vehicle. Or it will say “No Registrations Found” meaning nothing (no loans or encumbrances) were registered at the time of your search.

NEVDIS Information:

The PPSR Certificate carries data from the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS), the national system for vehicle and driver licences information. This section shows details on:

  • Written-off check on the car’s write-off and accident/damage history
  • Stolen vehicle check to see if the car was reported stolen

Request PPSR Certificate

There are two main ways to run a search to get a PPSR Certificate. The first way is by using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The second method is to do a PPSR search by registration number. Use either the VIN number or the vehicle Rego number, input the number into the search box, click “Get Report”, and follow the instructions.

Your report and the official PPSR certificate will be delivered to your email and phone almost instantaneously.

So, request your report today before you make a serious mistake when buying a used car.

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